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Multiverse was founded by dynamic husband and wife duo Lisa and Matt. So why are we so special? Matt’s engineering background has given him the ability to quickly understand and comprehend even the most complex products and services. Team this with Lisa’s experience of over a decade working in top agencies, it gives Multiverse the ability to create communication solutions that connect and convert.

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Matt Thorne

At his core Matt is a problem solver. He doesn’t believe that anything exists in isolation and always strives to understand the bigger picture. He is the ultimate communicator and has an incredible ability for understanding and explaining the complex. Originally from the UK, Matt trained as a mechanical and materials engineer. Working within the research and development field for 5 years has the given him the perfect skill-set to comprehend even the most advanced complexities of our clients’ industries.

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Creative lead

Lisa McKenzie

Lisa’s background originated from a love of all things brand. After spending over a decade in top creative agencies she saw an opportunity to instigate change. Brilliant designs are great, but can easily be rendered useless without a strategic message and proper activation.

Since joining Multiverse she has developed workshops and an innovative process to ensure companies get the most from their brand communication across all channels.

Our values


First and foremost, we aim to be good humans. We often have lasting relationships with our clients so why not make it a positive experience.


If a new opportunity arises in your field, we see the importance of acting quickly. We arent afraid to drop what we are doing or pivot direction to ensure you don't miss your chance.


Teamwork is at the core of what we do. We consider our clients more fo a partnership and encourage them to treat us as such.


We don't believe in false promises or silver bullets. We always aim to be completely transparent and honest with our clients.


Just like our clients, we believe in constant learning an re-examining our services to continually improve what we offer.


We genuinely believe in our clients, and aim to be as supportive as we can for them. We will always have time to answer some questions or assist in-house teams.

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