Chrysalis Content Creation Brand Identity

Chrysalis Content Creation Brand

The Challenge

Chrysalis Content Creation approached us to create a creative and memorable visual brand. The client wished to inject interest into their brand to stand out within their competitive market, whilst still appearing highly professional.

The Strategy

Through the discovery stage of our process we found our client identifying very closely with both the creator archetype and also the sage. We therefore required an approach that would combine a creative look and feel to reach their key audience, but also a final brand that communicated the clients expertise and skill within their field.

The Solution

We decided on an approach in which "science meets creativity". Instead of using standard icons we used scientific style illustrations, over layed with elements of the striking colour palette. This illustration style also continued across all branding materials to give a truly unique and memorable brand.

chrysalis custom icons
chrysalis style guide cover
chrysalis style guide
chrysalis style guide
chrysalis letterhead
chrysalis microsoft templates

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