Hearing Hub Hero KV

Hearing Hub Brand Re-Fresh & Campaign

The Challenge

Hearing hub approached us for assistance with their brand and website. With an existing logo in place, they wanted to maintain the logo and colour palette for continued brand awareness, but wanted a brand that looked more professional and connected with their clients on an emotional level.

The Strategy 

Through the clarity stage it became clear that we needed Hearing Hub's marketing to engage clients on a more personal and emotional level. The main point of difference is the exceptional care and latest technology provided by Hearing hub so our main aim was to put some emotion into the brand. We also wanted to addd some urgency to having your hearing checked, and make it feel less like a chore.

The Solution

We took the direction of "returning your moments" within the new brand. As a large part of the client base is retirees we wanted them to feel a positive nostalgia and empowerment about having their hearing checked. By touching on highly critical moments in life, we also added the urgency to encourage people to get their hearing tested sooner rather than later.

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