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Lindfield Pharmacy Brand Re-Fresh

The Challenge

Lindfield Pharmacy, an iconic pharmacist that has been servicing Sydney's mid north shore for more than 100 years approached us to bring new life into their brand. At the time they were serving largely the aged sector of the community but wanted to reposition themselves to reach the market of young families whilst still maintaining elements of their original and iconic brand.

The Strategy

Through a clarity workshop we discovered that Lindfield Pharmacy's main point of difference is the exceptional service and knowledge; employing consultant (specialised) pharmacists allows them to offer a much higher quality of care and product to their clientele, giving them greater health outcomes. In a saturated industry they also have a proven track record of success as a superior pharmacist in the area for more than 100 years.

The Solution

Their existing brand, though outdated, was an iconic sign in the area. For this reason we chose to maintain and champion the elements of their original brand that people recognised, whilst still creating a new fresh brand that would appeal to the younger market. Our main aim was to encourage local families and residents to experience the level of service for themselves by simply coming into the pharmacy without any obligation, and just ask. The experienced pharmacists welcome queries and unlike other pharmacists, do not shy away from a difficult question. Instead they welcome their clients to ask, to ensure they are getting the best possible care available to them.

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