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The Challenge

Umlaut brings together software, services, and cutting-edge technologies, to tailor solutions that allow financial firms to automate many administrative tasks as well as digitising things that previously required paper form work and filing. They were confident in their products and could clearly see a need in the market for their services, they just need to get the message out there.

The Strategy

We needed to create a campaign with a powerful message, that actually made its way to financial advisory firms. One if the main issues faced was the time poor nature of advisors, therefore we needed a campaign that would give the key message instantly and simplify these previously complex problems. We needed the campaign to be relatable and also generate substantial leads.

The Solution

Using their existing corporate gradient and colour schemes we developed a highly engaging campaign with a simple message; we can give you more work that you want, and less of what you don't want. This is simple enough that it could instantly address problems financial firms were facing and solve it simply. Once the campaign was in place, and a website developed we needed to push traffic and gain leads. We did this by developing a series of e-books, that lead into multiple email funnels. We created high converting landing pages that offered strategy calls to see what services could save financial firms time and money. These e-book downloads were advertised across a variety of networks including social media and various financial websites and resources.

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