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Our Branding Process

First, what is branding? Your brand is the collective sum of the visual assets, behaviours and values that your business communicates to the world. It can be made up of designs, tools, guides, company values and anything else that projects a message about who you are as a business. It's what your clients say about your when you're not in the room.

Here at the Multiverse, we create brands using a four-phase process. Our branding process is all about understanding your business and customers to create branding assets that communicate your key message to your ideal market. 

Phase 1: Brand Clarity

Understanding your own brand is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Although you might already have some ideas about your audience and messaging, this process helps you really hone in on the elements of your brand that matter most. We do this though an interactive workshop, and report all results in a document you can reference whenever you need. This workshop gives our clients a chance to collaborate and interact with the way your brand is being created.

Clarity Document

Your ideal target market

The cost to your business of not defining your market correctly can be huge. By narrowing your audience, you focus in your language and make your client feel like you are talking directly to them. To date, all of our clients who thought they knew their target markets have reconsidered their ideas at this stage of the branding process. 

The emotional connection

If you ask any business owner what they do, we guarantee they will talk in terms of things. Lets be honest, no-one really cares about what you do, they care about what they get out of it. We look at how we can re-frame your services into something your clients can form an emotional attachment to.

Your brand personality

Have you ever wondered how the big brands consistently create engaging marketing campaigns? Take a deeper look at brands like Nike, Apple and Virgin, and you'll find they all use archetypes. Put simply, they are universal characters or personalities found in all cultures, all over the world, that provide instant meaning to people.

Your competition

No business exists in isolation. Know what your competition is doing can give you the edge. Are you in a industry where you are expected to look a certain way, or do you want to stand out from those around you? Have you looked at what the big brands in your industry are doing? Should you be taking inspiration form them?

Your clarity results

This is your business branding cheat sheet. We distil everything we know about you into a single, simple document.  If your marketing efforts ever loose direction, this is how you gain clarity again.

Phase 2: Brand Strategy

During the brand strategy phase, we pull together all our resources to produce designs that are custom created to perfectly represent your business, Our brands are not only visually beautiful, but also conceptually strong and communicate your vision to your customers. It’s important to have a clear thought process behind any visuals - nothing should be done without a reason, so to speak. This is why we communicate our thought process to you - so you can tell a story to your customers with your brand.

Brand Rationale

Considered approach

This is why the clarity stage is so important. At this point we analyse your results and map out all the different directions we could take your brand in. Just a few of the questions we explore are; Which aspects of your personality should we be highlighting? What will most attract your ideal client? Should we take a softer more friendly approach, or develop a more corporate, professional look, or should it be somewhere in-between?

Multiple brand concepts

After we have mapped out all the possibilities for your brand direction, we get creative. This is our favourite part. Our process is simple, use our map to come up with a logo concept, if we like it, refine it, if not scrap it, then move onto the next. We'll review everything we have and only keep the best. We then expand on that to ensure the brand will work as a whole before presenting it to you.

Brand thought process

There is nothing worse than someone asking you what your logo or brand stands for, and you replying with; "my designer just gave it to me". We provide detailed breakdowns of how we got there and how it relates back to you as a business. This almost always forms the basis of how you'll be telling the story of what your brand stands for.

Real world examples

How do you make a judgement of what you should use when all you've been shown is a logo on a page? Brands never exist in isolation. That is why we mock up how your business cards will look, what the images on the cover of your brochures will look like, and how the home page of your website could look with your new brand.

Your brand strategy document

Once we are 100% happy with all the branding ideas and concepts, we compile them into a single brand strategy document that we present to you. This will include your new logos concepts, colour palettes, fonts and photo-realistic mock-ups of how your brand will look across several different mediums.

Phase 3: Brand Creative

We believe that every brand that goes out our door should be a perfect fit for your business and flawless. This is when we make sure that every element works in perfect harmony with each other. We collaborate with you on which direction would fit your business and then we make all the little refinements that makes your brand complete. 

KeastCo. Brand Guide

Client collaboration

After presenting you with your brand possibilities, you then have a big decision to make. We give you time to let all the possibilities sink in and allow you to gather your thoughts. We are always available if you have any questions or want to talk through your options.

Brand refinement

We insist that any brand that is sent out into the world should be flawless. Once you have decided your perfect brand direction, we make it better. It may be a tiny tweak, or getting just the right Pantone colour set, whatever 

Brand expansion

Your brand is not just comprised of a logo, fonts and colours. This is where we expand your brand to include patterns that link to your overall brand, image treatments that highlight key aspects of your personality, additional language phrases to use in your marketing and customised typography to make them stand out.

Your brand suitcase

The phrase, "what happens if I get hit by a bus?", gets thrown around in jest. But what would happen if that happened to us and you needed your logo in a different format? Would you need to start again? This is where we have you covered. We create a full suite of logo files & branding patterns in all the ways we can imagine you'll need them, and in multiple formats. Attending a trade show and they offer free design, great! Send them your brand suitcase and they'll have every logo format they need.

Your brand guidelines

You've invested in your brand, now it's time to champion it and use it consistently. That is what your brand guidelines are all about. It sets out the rules of how your brand can be used, and where a creative solution can be applied.  This document acts as a quick reference guide for you and your team so you know how to use your brand. Send this out along with your brand suitcase and you know your brand will be in safe hands.

Brand Roll Out

Everything you do should be to promote your brand in order to gain the trust of your ideal customer. A consistent and clear message is key. The medium shouldn't matter. If it's digital such as on a website, or printed in your corporate brochure, they should naturally sit side by side. Even in situations where your logo is not present, your brand should show through in a way that is uniquely you.

Website Roll Out

Your website

A website is a way to tell your brand story across a tailored, custom digital platform. In the digital age, a website is often the first thing your customers see, and first impressions count. For this reason we take great care and pride in every site we build. We ensure that the website design will work in harmony with your branding, and showcase your company in the best light possible.

Your social profiles

If your website wasn't the first time a customer saw you, it's likely going to be one of your social profiles where they did. You may not be able to control everything on those platforms, but your can still convey your brand and your key message. We create full social packs so you can start using your brand quickly and easily.

Your printed stationery

Though we mostly live in a digital age, there are still times where paper wins out. Branding is not just the visuals, but can extend to textures among other things. Why not make your brand shine (literally!) with a unique a coating on your business cards.

Branded microsoft templates

Almost every business we work with needs to send out documents digitally. Why not save time and look great all in one go? We create a series of branded Microsoft templates (Word & PowerPoint) that your can then edit as you need, then export as a PDF. It will look like you have got a designer to customise each document individually, and make you're clients feel like you are going the extra mile.

Your corporate documents

Corporate documents are an excellent way to give you credibility in the eyes of your client. Especially when dealing with business to business a corporate document is a way to alleviate any doubts your potential clients might have in your skill set. These documents can vary in length, and contain details of services you can provide, a background of your business, key management staff, procedures, prior projects and any social responsibilities you aim to meet.

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