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AdvisorForms by Umlaut

The Challenge

AdvisorForms is a software suite for the financial industry. It is a simple, digital solution to a messy, paper problem. By digitising the capture and storage of client data, AdvisorForms streamlines the client on boarding process. Our challenge was to create a brand that connected with their industry and positioned AdvisorForms as the innovative leader in their field. 

The Strategy

AdvisorForms is a product that was created and lunched by the parent company, Umlaut. Through research and discovery we concluded that it needed to be its own distinct brand whist still maintaining a link to their parent brand.

The Solution

The parent brand Umlaut has 5 distinct sub brand colours. These represent each aspect of the data solutions that they manage. AdvisorForms as a product relates to capture, the first aspect of the data solutions. We combined this with the Umlaut master brand colour palette giving a unique, yet still linked sub brand. The typography used was again, linked t the master brand, but a change in style was used. As an innovative tech product, when developing the AdvisorForm brand consideration needed to be given to highly unique and stylised iconography and imagery, as well as the use of unique, stylised gradients. This was vital in portraying them as the fresh, new innovative product that they are.

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AdvisorForms Custom Icons
AdvisorForms launch EDM
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AdvisorForms Sales Brochure Inside Custom Icons
AdvisorForms Sales Brochure Inside Custom Icons
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