Cino Merchants Group Hero Image Key Visual

Cino Merchants Group Brand Identity

The Challenge

Cino Merchants Group is a wholesaler / importer of household items like pluming, fixtures, and sinks. As the director of the company is a successful former architect, many of his clientele were through this line of connection, and ranged from project managers to interior designers.

The Strategy

We felt the need to create a simple, gender neutral brand due to the variety in taste from interior designers and project managers.

The Solution

Through discussions with our client, it quickly became apparent that due to his prior work in architecture, he also had access to a lot of trade shows, and connections to many hotel and apartment project managers. As he would be meeting directly with these connections,  we decided that it was imperative that we develop a striking, memorable and upmarket business card design. Using the brand pattern developed from a reversed logo icon, we added a spot UV embellishment to the matte cello navy of the back of the card.

Stationary collection for Cino Merchants Group
Style Guide for Cino Merchants Group
Business Cards with Spot UV for Cino Merchants Group
Cino Website Home and Contact
Cino Website Home and Products
Key Visual brochures for Cino Merchants Group
Brochure Cover Blue Key Visual
Brochure Inside Product Blue
Brochure Cover Red Key Visual
Brochure Inside Product Red
Brochure Cover Green Key Visual
Brochure Inside Product Green
Brochure Cover Yellow Key Visual
Brochure Inside Product Yellow

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