Dr. Eileen Tan-Gore Hero Image

Dr. Eileen Tan-Gore Brand Identity

The Challenge

Dr. Eileen Tan-Gore engaged us to create her personal brand for her surgical practice. As an industry leader her brand needed to reflect the level of care offered to her patients.

The Strategy

Through our clarity stage it became very clear that Dr Eileen Tan-Gore to two main points of difference within the market. Firstly, she is highly specialised, and holds qualifications in oral and maxillofacial surgery and head and neck surgery. This level of expertise is only held by a handful of surgeons. The result being that patients don't need multiple surgeons. Secondly, the level of compassion and care she has for her patients is exceptional. She prides herself on hand holding all the way through, and taking a "journey' with her patients.

The Solution

The majority of her patients that she is able to make an impactful difference for are women. Many women having gone through serious facial trauma have big concerns about what they will look like after, and are more positively effected by the level of care that Dr Eileen Tan-Gore offers them. As many of her patience can have nerves and anxieties around what will happen next we needed a brand that was both professional as well as calm and soothing, drawing attention to the results they will have at the end - feeling normal again and getting their lives back, and also the calming, caring nature go Dr. Eileen Tan-Gore - they are not alone on their journey to wellness. We developed a brand using calming "tiffany blues" and created a subtle reference the the two lines of a journey - Dr. Eileen TanGore is with them. 

Dr. Eileen Tan-Gore Brand Guide
Dr. Eileen Tan-Gore Business Cards
Dr. Eileen Tan-Gore Letterhead
Dr. Eileen Tan-Gore Patient referral
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