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The Challenge

F.Stop Asia is a boutique travel agency specialising in Photography tours around South East Asia. The client approached us to create a brand design for theirĀ business.

The Strategy

Through the discovery process, we discovered that the client had a highly niche target market. As a photography tour company, their tours would often mean early starts to get the sunsets. They were also more on the upmarket end. Their customer base was older, wealthier photographers who wanted to see the real culture of South East Asia but have the luxury of a nice hotel at theĀ end of the day.

The Solution

Their logo was inspired by the metallic stencilled lettering on a tuk tuk number plate, giving them an upmarket yet still authentic brand design. A large amount of their newer marketing materials were finished with a spot UV of foil to give that added feeling of luxury to the South East Asian style. Website and other marketing materials that followed needed to be highly photographic based, so we developed a unique "grid" layout to display as many pictures as possible.

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