KeastCo Brand

KeastCo. Brand Identity

The Challenge

KeastCo. approached us to create a new brand for their business. As a team of qualified and experienced Neuro-inguistic programming (NLP) experts, their business helps entrepreneurs, businesses and motivated individuals to reach specific goals throughout their work and personal life. As successful business owners themselves, the brand had to reflect the professional nature of the business and the staff.

The Strategy

Through research conducted through the brand clarity phase, it became clear that the best way to communicate with clients in such a saturated market was to position the KeastCo. as an explorer brand. This strategy gave KeastCo. the added professionalism, authenticity and credibility to connect with their ideal clients.

The Solution

The KeastCo brand is modern, authentic and highly approachable. With a constant message of the "the journey of self discovery" reflected in every aspect of the design. We developed custom image treatments to reflect the NLP anchor points, and showcase subjects being immersed in their quest for self-discovery. The use of the journey map imagery was again reflected in highly customised iconography.

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