Levant Consulting Internal Communications

Levant Consulting Internal Communication

The Challenge

Levant Consulting approached us to assist them in creating a branded internal campaign to boost staff morale and showcase their culture to others entering their office. 

The Strategy

We decided on the creation of four seperate custom illustrations giving a story behind each of their company values. We needed to incorporate the levant brand into each of the scenes illustrated. The custom artworks would then be mounted at A2 size onto their office walls.

The Solution

Without a strong brand in place, we had a large amount of style to develop. We simply were required to adhere to a colour palette and requested typography. We opted for a stylised "vintage, retro" look to fit with the companies young, positive culture. To extend their brand we incorporated elements of the logo within key parts of the illustrated landscape.

Levant Consulting Custom Illustrations
Levant Consulting Brand Exploration
Levant Consulting Custom Canvas Explore and be Curious
Levant Consulting Custom Canvas Be Great
Levant Consulting Custom Canvas Own It
Levant Consulting Custom Canvas Be a Person

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