Sight Constructions Capability document extract

Sight Constructions

The Challenge

Sight Constructions is a multi-discipline construction company who engaged Digital Beanstalk for a lift in their marketing materials. The client had an existing logo concept they wanted retained, however they wanted their brand as a whole to have a refresh and a complete new look and feel.

The Strategy

The main problem the client was encountering with their logo was the negative messaging it entailed. The cross-hair icon had several negative features. For this reason we opted for a brand re-fresh, where we repositioned this item. We developed a secondary tagline, "targeted results" which we used alongside this symbol. Additional language styles stemmed from this piece also. We then refined the colour palette and typography to give a look and feel that was more aligned with their key messaging and clientele.

The Solution

We used this opportunity to develop a comprehensive style guide and professional style to be used consistently across their brand, and further spread and enforce they new key messaging. Once the company style had been developed visually, we then designed their website to be a practical digital extension of their brand. The main obstacle faced here was in relation to the clients project display. Due to the nature of their work, there was often not time to get a professional photographer in, and many of their images were simply taken quickly by staff. For this reason we used branding assets and image treatments, along with the option for portrait imagery to be used on their projects page.
Work created included a 30 page capability document including case studies, style guide, stationary design and website.

Sight Constructions Website on desktop and laptop
Inside of Sight Constructions Capability Document
Sight Constructions capability document displaying market
Sight Constructions business cards
Sight Constructions responsive HTML email signature
Sight Constructions style guide typography page