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The Challenge

Support Lindfield is a not for profit organisation who approached us originally to assist them in creating a social media strategy for their upcoming event. It become clear that there was also a need to gain some enthusiasm amongst volunteers and board members was an absolute must to get the entire community to rally behind the cause.

The Strategy

We therefore hosted an evening of "smart social" with the organisation board, where we guided through facebook, showed examples, and got the members not just knowledgable, but also excited about what social media could offer them. During this time we also launched our engagement video to the board, to further grow their enthusiasm.

The Solution

We continued to maintain involvement with key members throughout the entire process by having videos shot of members of the community and key board members. These were later published on social media to put a personalised feel to the organisation. The campaign was highly successful. The attendance rate of the event were the highest they had ever experienced at one of their forums and their facebook following increased 30%. The best performing video had a reach of 3.1K in the first week, and 1.1K views. The event even gained the attention of Federal MP's Paul Fletcher and Jonathon O'dae, who both requested to speak at the event. Several articles were also published in the well known paper the north shore times.

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